Zipper, Drawstring or Open Top Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry bag -Which Type of Closure is Best?

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Mesh laundry bags can be used to wash all types of clothing, linens and other items within the mesh bag itself. This method allows clothes to remain separated as needed during the washing and drying cycle.

The mesh laundry bags at are rated commercial grade. The durable mesh fabric itself, the stitching and various closures are all suited for industrial purposes.

In addition, all of the mesh laundry bags at come with a 4.75" x4.75" white ID tag sewn on the front of the bag for easy identification. Use any permanent marker to uniquely identify each bag.

One question regularly asked by our customers is, “what type of closure is best for mesh laundry bags?”

The answer is that there are different options to choose from, and the truth is, it is most often a matter of preference.

Below we will present some of the closures that we offer and associated comments:

Closure types:

Most of the mesh laundry bags at feature either a drawstring or zipper closure.

1. Drawstring closure is a cord with a barrel lock closure that is industrial grade so that it can withstand higher temperature and hold up through the wash and drying cycle. By pressing the button on the barrel, the device can be moved up or down the cord to open or close the mesh laundry bag.

The advantage of this type of closure is ease of use and durability. The disadvantage is that when washing in industrial machinery with multiple bags, the cords can become tangled. This complication can be reduced greatly by pulling the closure tight before wrapping the cord once or twice around the top of the bag and then inserting the excess cord inside the bag.

2. Zipper closure Zippers for the mesh laundry bags are made of an industrial grade plastic, once again so that it will hold up to high temperatures through the washing and drying process. (By the way, metal is not a good idea as it will rust over time.) A hook and loop, (similar to Velcro) closure covers the handle to prevent the zipper from opening in the wash. See the image below. The zipper closure on the mesh laundry bags has the advantage of ease of use with the tangle free element being a consideration for many facilities that buy our mesh laundry bags in bulk. The disadvantage is the long-term durability of the zipper closure may be slightly less than the drawcord. This issue can be greatly reduced by not overstuffing the bag and putting undue strain on the zipper component. (Actually, it is a good practice to never overstuff a mesh laundry bag as it prevents water and detergent from moving freely through the clothing during the washing process in addition to air in the drying process.

3. External closures

There do exist particular settings in which neither a zipper nor drawstring closure is desired. In that case, many of our customers will order a bag that is called an open top mesh laundry bag, which is basically the exact same mesh laundry bag without a zipper or drawstring.

Click here to go to the open top mesh laundry bags page at

In this case, since there is no closure method that comes with the bag itself, it is necessary to use an external closure. offers two closures that work very well in these instances.

A few options for external closures:

1. Rubber closure- is basically an industrial grade T-shaped rubber piece with 3 holes.

Click here to see how to close a mesh laundry bag using a rubber closure. 

2. Safety pin closure- is basically a large 5-inch safety pin. It is stainless steel, durable and rust proof.

Click here to see how to close a mesh laundry bag using a rubber closure.

3. Nylon or cable zip tie: A lesser used option but a practical solution nonetheless.

Click here to see how to close a mesh laundry bag using a nylon cable tie.

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