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Grey Polyester Laundry Bags 24x36 with drawstring
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    Cheap Laundry Bags

    Laundry Bags: Getting the best value possible.

    Laundry bags are used every day by both individual consumers and commercial facilities. In both cases, when buying laundry bags, the key is to look for value.

    Value can be thought of as how much something is worth. Cheap laundry bags might seem like a good value, but if they only last a short time, their value diminishes. supplies commercial grade laundry bags that are used in industrial settings. For 20+ years we have worked to manufacture the best quality laundry bags that we can but also providing the lowest pricing possible.

    Although private individuals also buy our laundry bags, commercial or industrial usage is the bulk of our business. Commercial usage of laundry bags applies to all facilities and organizations that need to launder clothing and linens as part of the daily or weekly operation. Wholesale laundry bags, or laundry bags in bulk, are purchased by medical facilities, the hospitality industry, correctional facilities, and educational institutions to name a few. These industries buy laundry bags in bulk or wholesale laundry bags because of the large quantity needed at any given time.

    Wholesale Laundry Bags

    Laundry bags that are often purchases as bulk laundry bags or wholesale laundry bags:

    • LB-CANVAS – It is a 24"W x 30"L heavy duty canvas laundry bag made from a heavy weight 12 oz canvas material that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This laundry bag has a drawstring and barrel lock closure and a heavy-duty black polyester shoulder strap as an added functional feature. It is a very durable laundry bag yet looks fashionable in its two-toned design. The black bottom keeps it looking clean even after being placed on dirty floors. As far as promotional laundry bags go, this is a go to. Many customers order these custom printed laundry bags, printing a logo or business name looks really fantastic on this bag.
    • LB3040CAN-WHITE – This is our 30”W x 40”L heavy duty white canvas laundry bag. It is made from cotton canvas which is of a heavier gauge material than our polyester laundry bags. These laundry bags are at a higher price point than our polyester, however, tend to be more durable and create some value as they last longer. This laundry bag has a similar feel as our LB-Canvas, the Canvas Tote Laundry Bag, but it's bigger, the same size as our large sized polyester laundry bags. Basically, this laundry bag is designed as a cloth option of our polyester laundry bags.
    • LB3040P-ASSORTED – Often companies who do not care about the color of a laundry bag will buy these wholesale laundry bags. They are sold in a pack of 5 pieces. These laundry bags are basically overruns that are combined together at the end of a given time period, so they will have different colors and gauges. The vast majority are of these laundry bags are made of 210 Denier and all are 100% Polyester material with approximate measure of 28”-30”W x 36”-40”L. Each pack has 5 randomly selected pieces that, again, may have assorted colors, patterns, and prints. Each bag has a draw-cord slip lock closure.
    • ALL MESH LAUNDRY BAGS - Our wholesale mesh laundry bags are rated commercial grade. The durable mesh fabric, the stitching and the barrel lock closure are all designed and suited for industrial purposes. In addition, all of our mesh laundry bags come with a 4.75" x4.75" white ID tag sewn on the front of the bag for easy identification. Use any permanent marker to uniquely identify each bag.

    The above examples are just a few of the wholesale laundry bags available at What makes them wholesale laundry bags? We offer volume discounts. However, even the minimum order price is still very low. For example, the LB3040CAN-WHITE and LB-CANVAS are both sold at more than twenty percent (20%) less than can be found in the laundry bag market place.

    Whether buying laundry bags in bulk, wholesale laundry bags or just a few at a time, call at 888 388 5862 Monday through Friday 9-5 EST or email anytime and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.