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Laundry Bags and who uses them


Having a good laundromat nearby is such a convenience. Whether for a wash and fold pick up/drop off service or just plain old do-it-yourself weekly wash and dry, most of us are familiar with the benefits of having a friendly neighborhood laundromat. And when it comes to getting our laundry to and from the local laundromat, laundry bags are an essential tool. Laundry bags help protect, keep clean and make transporting clothing easier. For a Wash and Fold business, using our wash and fold laundry bags with a flat PVC bottom is a great way to neatly fold and stack clothing to return to the customer.

Are laundry bags cost effective?

Cheap Laundry Bags

There are plenty of cheap laundry bags on the market. The laundry bags at are made for commercial usage and thus utilize durable materials and industrial strength stitching. The benefits of using commercial grade laundry bags is that they will last longer and in the long run, will be more cost effective. However, in a pinch, even cheap laundry bags from a local discount store will be better than nothing.

You Can Transport Multiple Loads Using a Laundry Bag

A major benefit of using laundry bags is efficiency. Whether transporting dirty clothing and linens to the laundry room at home, to the local laundromat, or in the case of commercial facilities, to the laundry section of the facility, laundry bags make this job easier. In each of these cases, using a solid polyester laundry bag of a preferred color, or multiple colors for color coding purposes, is an efficient and inexpensive method to accomplish this task.

Our Premium Laundry Bags vs Standard Laundry Bags and How to Prolong the Life of Either

It is also a good idea to consider how much wear and tear the bag itself is going to receive. For heavier applications with more wear and tear (such as dragging a bag across concrete floors) we might suggest the purchase of our premium laundry bags. These bags are 420 Denier and tend to hold up better under heavy usage and harsher conditions. However, it is sometimes just a matter of preference as our standard 210 Denier laundry bags are also durable and also hold up well in commercial settings. The absolute simplest method to prolong the life of the bag is to avoid overstuffing it, which wears out the fabric and seams. In addition, it is a good idea to wash the bags in cold water for cleaning purposes.

A Laundry Bag Helps Protect and Preserve Clothing

By using either solid polyester laundry bags or mesh laundry bags, the user will have better protection and preservation of their clothing. Solid polyester laundry bags will protect clothing while being transported back and forth to be laundered, while mesh laundry bags, also known as netted laundry bags, have the primary purpose of protection and preservation of clothing and other delicates during the actual washing. In other words, the clothing is put inside the mesh laundry bags and washed directly inside the mesh laundry bag.

Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bags for Individuals and Facilities

Placing clothing directly inside mesh laundry bags helps protect the clothing from snags, tears, and the ordinary wear and tear caused by the wash and cycles.

Mesh laundry bags are designed in such a way to allow enough room for water and detergents to drive or flow through the fabrics during the wash cycles. This allows clothes and other items to be thoroughly washed and dried. One suggestion here- do not overstuff the bag. If overstuffed, the items become compacted inside the bag and then there is not enough space for the water and air to flow through properly.

At home, many of us are familiar with the use of fine mesh laundry bags to wash delicates- undergarments like bras, lingerie, nylons and stockings. However, mesh laundry bags are also useful to separate and wash items like sheets and pillowcases, gym accessories, wool, silk and lace, baby clothes, bathing suits, and more.

Mesh laundry bags are particularly useful for facilities as they allow for sorting. As an example, in a medical facility, mesh laundry bags are used to keep each resident or patient’s clothes separated during laundering. All of our mesh laundry bags have a cloth tag sewn into the fabric, where a resident’s name or room number can be written with a sharpie. Using this ID tag helps prevent clothing from being lost, misplaced, or mixed with another person’s items. Also, once again, by color coding with different color mesh laundry bags, a facility such as a nursing home or assisted living residence can assign a given color to a given floor or wing of a building.

Using Laundry Bags for Storage Purposes

Netted Laundry Bag

Another very common use for our laundry bags is for storage.

Companies and individuals both also store clothing, bedding, toys, auto parts, beach accessories, tools and other fabrication parts in our laundry bags.

Sports teams such as baseball, football, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, and basketball teams use laundry bags to store and transport their equipment and gear.

Many high school and college sports teams will also use our mesh bags laundry bags for storage but also for washing their clothing- jerseys, t-shirts, and undergarments. Each player can write their name on the ID tag and use the bag for the entire season.