White Mesh Net Open Top Laundry Bags 24" x 36"

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    Open Top White Mesh Bag 24x36
    • Open Top White Mesh Bag 24x36
    • Open Top White Mesh Bag Cinched with a Cable Tie



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    This is our 24" x 36" White Mesh Net Laundry Bag that features an OPEN TOP. This is actually our standard 24x36 inch mesh bag without a drawstring or a zipper closure.  An Open Top bag may be used in instances where a facility or an individual would like to close the bag with an external closure device. Examples of these external closures include a zip lock/cable tie (sold separately, demonstration of how to use the cable tie in this video link 

    https://youtu.be/5ukIjBjyoMQ, a rubber closure or a large stainless steel pin.

    We sell the 6 inch cable tie closure, see video of the cable ties - (https://youtu.be/XPEgzWszgkg)

    The Open Top bag is made of a heavy weight polyester mesh. All of these laundry bags come standard with an ID Patch that is used to write a person's name on the bag. Do not exceed 158 Degrees Fahrenheit when drying. Imported.

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    Watch a video on how to close this bag with a cable tie (sold separately):