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Item #: LB3040P-ASSORTED
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    Large Bags Set of Five Assorted Colors, Prints or Patterns
    • Large Bags Set of Five Assorted Colors, Prints or Patterns
    • Large Assorted Colors and Prints Polyester Laundry Bag - As Low as $1.45 - LB3040P-ASSORTED
    • Pack of five laundry bags with assorted colors: Burgundy, Grey, Green, Blue and Light Pink
    • Pack of five laundry bags with marble pattern



     Price Each 


    Buy this product in multiples of five. Each pack (which has 5 pcs inside) has a random selection of five laundry bags. THE ABOVE PRICING IS PER PIECE. It may have assorted colors/patterns/prints or some packs may even have all the same color. To ensure you get more than one style, order at least 10 pcs. Colors cannot be specified when ordering. To specify colors, go to our main polyester bag page and choose your color).

    1. You can only purchase in multiples of 5.
    2. Measures APPROXIMATELY 28" - 30" Wide x 36" - 40" Long.  Each bag has a simple to use slip lock closure that is pressed to slide down the rope.  
    3. 28"-30"W x 36"-40"L
    4. Assorted Colors, Patterns and Prints (Mixed. Colors cannot be specified) 
    5. 210 Denier 100% Polyester
    6. Draw-cord Slip Lock Closure
    7. Imported
    8. Quantity *Cost Per Bag
      5-19 Bags $1.99
      20-100 Bags $1.95
      105-495 Bags $1.55
      500+ Bags $1.45