Mesh Laundry Bags


Our mesh bags are rated commercial grade. The durable mesh fabric itself, the stitching and the barrel lock closure are all suited for industrial purposes. In addition, all of our mesh bags come with a 4.75" x4.75" white ID tag sewn on the front of the bag for easy identification. Use any permanent marker to uniquely identify each bag.

This does not imply that the bags can not be used for household purposes, just means that the bags are meant to stand up to heavy duty, industrial usage. 

Mesh bags can be used to wash laundry, linens and other items within the bag itself. This method allows clothes to be separated during the washing and drying cycle.  All of our laundry mesh bags feature either a drawstring or zipper closure and are made of durable polyester meshing.  Many people use our smallest mesh bag to wash delicates.  The netting holes are 3 millimeters on all of our bags.

 Other uses for our mesh laundry bags include storage bags to store sports equipment, gym balls, decoys, scuba equipment, life jackets, water shoes, etc. The breathable polyester mesh allows drying to take place which helps prevent odors and mold when storing wet or damp linens and other items. Available in a variety of colors to enable color coding for different floors or departments. We can print your logos or personalized images and text on the ID tags as well.   

Quantity Cost Per Bag
 1-19 Bags See each product for quantity discounts!
20+ Quantity discounts start at 20 bags!