Mesh Laundry Bag: Everyday Uses at a Lake Cabin

When most of us think about laundry bags we think of a place for storing dirty laundry. This is true but the actual uses for laundry bags are endless. I recently took a trip to our lake cabin located in Northern Minnesota. As I looked around the cabin I found items that should be stored in mesh net laundry bags. A mesh bag allows items placed inside the bag to breath. This is a great bag to store items that get wet and need to dry off for storage. You can simply place the items in the bag, hang it up, and the moisture evaporates easily.

1. Water shoes are an ideal item to store in a mesh net bag. At our cabin we have many sizes of water shoes and normally we stored them in a drawer. The drawer was getting water damage from the shoes and it wasn’t a real practical place for storage. I recently started storing the shoes in a bag. I simply hang the bag up in the shed and the items air and drip dry. It keeps the shoes nice and organized.

Mesh Storage Bag for Water Shoes

2. Hunting Decoys are also an ideal item to store in a mesh net bag. Again they are an item that gets wet and needs to air and drip dry. We used tothe decoys in an old burlap sack that had seen its better days. The burlap sack was rotting from the moisture build up of many years of use and had real strong mold odor. I also placed the decoys into the bag for storage. I have eliminated the odor of the burlap sack and now have a very convenient carrying case for my decoys.

Duck Decoy Mesh Storage Bag

3. Scuba / Snorkeling Equipment at our cabin is now stored in a mesh net bag. Before we used to store these items in with the water shoes. Again the bag has allowed me to better organize an item that gets wet and needs to air and drip dry. If I were a person that was really into scuba diving as a full time hobby a whole set of bags would come in handy.

Scuba Snorkel Mesh Carrying Bag

4. Life Jackets were historically stored on hooks and large nails hanging off of the walls of our shed. We now take the life jackets and place them in several bags. It has made it easier to organize the shed. Again these are items that get wet and they dry easily in this style bag.

This also makes it much easier to carry the items down to our boat.

Life Jacket Mesh Net Storage Bag

These are just a few good uses for a mesh bag at a lake cabin. Look around you the storage ideas and uses for laundry bags are endless.


August 2, 2011