How are mesh net laundry bags used in washing delicate clothing?

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Washing Delicate Clothing

Mesh net laundry bags are often used to wash delicate clothes. If you have items that require special handling and delicate washing you place the item(s) in a mesh net laundry bag and place the entire bag in the wash. Many people wash bras, sweaters, or items with buttons or other ornaments in mesh net bags. The mesh net bag protects the item from being damaged by other items in the wash. It will also keep buttons and other ornaments from pulling off of clothing.

You can choose between many types of bag closures. The most common style used in home laundering of delicates is a mesh bag with a zipper closure. The zipper style closure keeps items securely inside and there is no rope hanging off the bag like other style bags. The rope can get caught on items in the wash. These bags can be used hundreds of times. Make sure you purchase a quality bag that is made of a non-corrosive zipper material so it does not rust and ruin your clothing.

Important: Make sure you use a soap that is meant to wash delicates. Read the soap label before washing.


Originally published July 19, 2011

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