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Laundry Bags for Coin Laundry Businesses

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Do you have customers come into your coin laundry business and drop off clothing in garbage bags?

A reusable laundry bag is a great way to promote your business and save you money. You can have a laundry bag screen printed with your company’s logo and contact information. These bags make great give-away items to your customers.

Here is how reusable laundry bags help coin laundry owners:

1) A reusable bag saves you money. Instead of repackaging people’s laundry into disposable bags you can reuse the same bag hundreds of times.

2) Your logo and contact information on the laundry bag. Everywhere the bag is carried you have a walking billboard. You can establish brand recognition in your local area.

3) You make your customers happy. They get a FREE laundry bag. If your competition does not provide a FREE bag your coin laundry business has the competitive edge.

4) If you want to see your laundry bag we screen printed on our website just ask. 

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