Buying Commercial Laundry Bags in Bulk

Buying Commercial Laundry Bags in Bulk

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Everyone likes a deal, and most of us understand what value means when we are looking to purchase products. Whether it is a big-ticket item such as an automobile or an appliance, or something as mundane as laundry bags, we want to find the lowest price. However, in both cases, cheaper is not always better. Specific to laundry bags, our company constantly strives to keep pricing down, while always manufacturing a high-quality laundry bag. In other words, cheap laundry bags, in our case, specifically applies to the price. We are a decades old company, and we hear from both long-time customers along with new customers that our laundry bags are some of the least expensive bags out there but are some of the highest quality bags that they have ever used.

As a matter of fact, our laundry bags are commercial laundry bags, in other words, made for commercial usage. The reinforced stitching, barrel lock closures and quality polyester material is manufactured specifically for use in an industrial setting, which is why we call them commercial laundry bags. It doesn’t mean that an individual consumer can not use them also, but only that they will hold up to commercial usage.

Commercial laundry bags are often purchased in bulk by facilities, organizations and companies that use them for transport and/or storage, and in the case of our mesh laundry bags, for washing and drying inside the bags themselves. These various organizations, facilities and companies that buy our laundry bags in bulk, in other words, will buy laundry bags in large quantities on a regular repeat basis.

In all cases, offers tiered-pricing, or volume-based discounts, which works well for large orders. From our website, you can browse our categories, and once in a category, you will find a pricing table that will indicate the price per quantity being ordered. Another option is to click into a specific bag, and there you will find the same price break table. (If you just hover your mouse on the “Browse Categories” tab at the top of the page, a drop-down box will appear and makes it easy to find all of the various types of laundry bags we offer).

Our team at prides itself on offering the best possible customer service and is always happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to call at 888-388-5862 Monday through Friday, 9 am until 5 pm EST.

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