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Dorm Room Essentials

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When I think about college I think of a place where many of us began our life of freedom from our parents. I remember my parent’s helping me pack up my car as I loaded it with the items I would need in the dorm room. The dorm room is initially an empty shell of a room where you basically start out new with very few possessions. Looking back now as a parent I realize I can make the transition to college easier for my children by providing them with a few small helpful items. Such as bedding, laundry supplies, and kitchen aids.

1. Bedding – Your child will need bedding for a twin size mattress. They will need a fitted and flat sheet for the bed. In addition to sheets they will need a bed spread. My parent’s provided me with a rib cord bedspread. This is a low cost high quality style bed spread that can handle lots of washings and use. It would also be a good idea to get your child pillowcases. You can get low cost high quality pillowcases by the dozen that will look nice on a dorm bed.

2. Laundry Supplies – Your child will need laundry supplies. Make sure your child knows how to do the laundry and has something to carry the laundry in. A large nylon laundry bag is a perfect gift for the student in the dorm. You can choose from a variety of color laundry bags. Some come with a pocket on the outside to carry soap and other supplies. I would suggest sending soap, a laundry bag, fabric softeners, and several rolls of quarters to pay for the washing and drying machines.

3. Kitchen Aids – Your child will most likely eat at the dining hall on campus. However, sending a set of low cost dishes and utensils with your child is a must. In addition to these items a small microwave will come in handy when they choose to have a snack or eat in their room. The microwave will be used to heat up pizza and other items that are stored in the small refrigerator (that you also sent with your child).

Looking back now on college I realize you are starting out with very few possessions. The basic necessities of life are bedding, laundry supplies, and kitchen dining aids. You can make your child’s transition into college easier if you plan for their departure accordingly.


Originally Published August 2, 2011

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