How are mesh net laundry bags used in institutional washing machines?

How are mesh net laundry bags used in institutional washing machines?

Mar 22nd 2024

Institutional Washing

Mesh net laundry bags are often used to keep clothes separate in the wash. These types of bags are used by nursing homes, prisons, camps, daycare providers, adult day care, etc…to keep their clients items separate. Mesh net bags also come in different colors so laundry can be sorted by floor or a section of a facility. An example would be white bags on floor one yellow bags on floor two.

In addition to the various colors of bags you can choose between many types of bag closures. The two styles we sell are Drawcord & lock closure and zipper closure styles. The Drawcord & lock style closure is what most people think of when they see a laundry bag. When you place this style of bag in the wash make sure you tuck the cord into the bag when you close it. This is to prevent the cord from getting caught on other items in the laundry or the spin bar in the machine. The zipper style closure makes the laundering easier because you do not have to worry about the cord hanging out. Make sure the zipper on the bag is made of a non-corrosive material so it does not rust.

Some mesh laundry bags come with an identification patch. All of the mesh net bags we have manufactured under our label come standard with this patch. Clients can write their names and room numbers on the patch with permanent marker. Most other companies charge extra for the fabric name tag we do not have any additional charge for the tag.


Originally Published July 19, 2011