LaundryBags.com has a wide variety of polyester bags in different sizes and colors. Very similar to nylon, our bags are made from 100% polyester. Our bags are strong and durable enough for use in a commercial setting while also being perfect for daily individual use. They are safe for washing and drying even in commercial machines. We do recommend washing in cold water and drying on low heat in particular for printed bags. We currently carry four sizes, 22" x 28", 24" x 36" and 30" x 40" and 45"x40".  The bags are all machine washable and can be machine dried as well. Please call if a size that you need is not available as we do manufacture custom sized bags for customers, minimum quantities apply. 

Premium Polyester Bags - Made of 420 Denier 100% polyester, they are made from a heavier gauge material for those that need the extra strength in their bags.

22" x 28" Polyester Bags - Comes with 2 metal grommets for hanging. These are also called counter bags, used by laundromats and cleaners.

24" x 36" Polyester Bags - These are our mid-sized bags. Comes in a variety of colors.

30" x 40" Polyester Bags - These can carry a lot of laundry. Choose between regular drawstring and drawstring with carry strap

45" x 40" Polyester Bags - Our biggest KING size laundry bags. Store bulky items: comforters, towels, pillows, sheet sets. 


Polyester Laundry Bags

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White Medium Polyester Bag with Drawstring and Toggle Approximately 24"x36"
Price: $2.99
Availability: In Stock
LaundryBags.com Item #: LB2436P-WHITE -

    This white laundry bag measured 24" Wide x 36" Long.  It has a simple to use slip lock... Read More

    White Laundry Bag 30"x40" (each)
    Price: $3.29
    Availability: In Stock
    LaundryBags.com Item #: LB3040P-WHITE -

      This is our new white 30"W x 40"L heavy weight polyester laundry bag.  It... Read More

      Yellow Laundry Bag 22" x 28" with Grommet (each)
      Price: $2.59
      Availability: In Stock
      LaundryBags.com Item #: LB2228P-YELLOW -

        This is our 22"W x 28"L laundry bags which are made of polyester material and feature a draw... Read More

        Yellow Laundry Bag 30"x40" (each)
        Price: $3.29
        Availability: In Stock
        LaundryBags.com Item #: LB3040P-YELLOW -

          This is our yellow 30"W x 40"L polyester laundry bag.  It has a black slip lock closure that... Read More

          Polyester Laundry Bags

          Polyester- a durable and affordable fabric

          Both polyester laundry bags and nylon laundry bags are available in the laundry bag marketplace. Both are synthetic materials, both are abrasion resistant, and both are durable. Polyester laundry bags tend to be more wrinkle resistant, meaning polyester laundry bags will wrinkle less than nylon laundry bags. Polyester laundry bags are typically less expensive than nylon laundry bags, and since both fabrics are just about equal in durability, Laundrybags.com chooses to offer top-quality polyester laundry bags at the lowest price possible.

          Our solid polyester laundry bags come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Many businesses that order from us are reselling the bags, so they will often buy a mix of colors to offer different choices to their customers. In addition, if desired, we offer polyester laundry bags that come with a reinforced carry strap as an added feature/option.

          Cheap Laundry Bags

          Cheap polyester laundry bags

          Laundrybags.com has always offered extremely competitive pricing. Our mission for 20+ years has always been to offer the lowest possible pricing with the highest quality products as possible. Cheap polyester laundry bags that are not durable enough to withstand continued usage, including washing and drying, quickly lose the gloss of being cheap laundry bags. In other words, having to re-purchase a cheap laundry bag every week is not so cheap. On the other hand, no one wants to overspend on super heavy duty laundry bags either. Laundrybags.com has found a sweet spot with our polyester laundry bags. They are inexpensive but durable and meant to be used in commercial settings.

          Polyester laundry bags for a wash and fold businesses

          Laundrybags.com manufactures a unique polyester laundry bag created especially for Wash and Folds.

          For those who haven’t used a Wash and Fold service, give it a try! A Wash and Fold service, also known as a Fluff and Fold, is a service in which a person drops off dirty clothing items at a given location (Wash and Folds can operate out of a laundromat, a dry-cleaning facility or even be a private business.) After drop-off, the service will professionally wash, dry and then neatly fold and stack the clothing so that it is ready for pick up by the customer.

          Our large, heavy-duty wash and fold laundry bag is a perfect bag to use for this service. The removable flat bottom makes stacking the neatly folded laundry easy and efficient, ensuring that the clothing remains neatly stacked. These specialty polyester bags are 20 inches x 14 inches x 15 inches, and come in black, royal blue and navy blue.