Custom Printed Laundry Bags for Brand Awareness

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Every business, large or small, is always on the lookout for effective ways of getting their message out to customers. Online marketing is, of course, the predominant method for most companies in today’s world. However, sometimes a simple approach can still be very effective.

One example of a simple yet very effective marketing tool is signage. Most laundry facilities have some sort of signage, whether it is a stand-alone or just on the window/door. Of course, this is basic, but it goes without saying it is necessary and can be a very effective way to attract new customers who might be passing by, especially if the facility has a fair amount of drive by traffic (or foot traffic).

Another old school and simple method to reach new customers is mailers. New home buyers are a great target market for this marketing strategy. Throw in a coupon for a first time customer and next thing you know you have a new long term customer.

Yet another example of a simple yet tried and true marketing tool is custom printed laundry bags. Printing a logo and/or your facility contact information (address, phone, website) on the laundry bags you sell/give to customers is a no brainer. Whether the bag is being dispensed from a vending machine as a sale item, used as a give-away or strictly used for wash and fold, customers are taking your business information with them as they travel from home and back. Some customers will even use the bags for other purposes such as for lugging their swimming gear and towels to the beach, and when they do, once again, free marketing.

Here are four key benefits of printing on your laundry bags.

  1. Increases leads and generates more customers-
  2. This is marketing 101. Get your facility name out there in the neighborhood. Whether your customers are buying the bags from you or you are giving them away, having your logo and contact info printed on a laundry bag will help to spread the word.
  3. Increases customer loyalty- We all like to belong, to be a part of something. When a customer has your bag with your information, they are on YOUR team, and being on the team creates a sense of loyalty and will increase retention.
  4. Value Addition- If you are a facility who is doing wash and fold or otherwise using or selling a laundry bag, you already have bags that are being purchased and inventoried. Why not make them printed and let them work for you in your marketing efforts?
  5. Helps to develop your brand- Branding is a long-term constant work in progress and to be effective, takes time, patience and strategic thinking. Keeping your company information- logo, facility address, website- out in front of customers is one key to brand development.
  6. Custom printed laundry bags can be an effective part of this process.

Websites, signage, mailers, custom printed laundry bags; all of these help to communicate to your customers who you are. Steady, consistent and efficient- develop a marketing strategy, implement it and tweak it as you go. Success is all about doing it.

At, when you are successful, we are too!

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